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Friday, 1 August 2014

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Thursday, 17 July 2014


The act of freedom happens in the mind: we can never be free whilst our minds are enslaved.  Once it is truly understood that we actually are already free - that authority is an illusion or rather a mass delusion - then we should: set upon the work of inspiring others to grasp their freedom too whilst denning the edicts of those who continue to suppose to be our masters.

Real slavery is the slavery of the mind.  Chains or laws may hold us to the ground but ethereal chains, those upon the mind, are by far the most treacherous.

As Larken Rose writes in his immeasurably important recent book 'The Most Dangerous Superstition':
'Even most of those who recognise 'government' as a huge threat to humanity speak of doing away with it, as if it actually exists.  They speak as if there is a choice between having  'government' and not having 'government'.  There is not.  'Government ' is a logical impossibility.  The problem is not actually 'government' but the belief in 'government'.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Fooling trusting people who cannot see these predators.

In ancient Persian times a priestly class known as the Magi would sit in judgement of people's crimes and rule by convincing their subject's through the use of illusion and deception that they were the all powerful, rightful authority.  The Magi had occulted considerable varied knowledge and skills, including keeping a perpetual fire burning (so people would literally come to them to start their fires in their home), of science, of human psychology, and had extensive medicinal knowledge. 

Today's Magistrate is a reflection of a modern version of these priests and their name historically originates with the Magi.  Not much changes.  Men's minds continue to be deluded by much the same type of illusion, a modern version, now to subjugate all to the authority of the state.  Those who desire the authority of the state to remain have learnt these principles originally applied by the Magi and have almost all eating from their hand.