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Sunday, 9 March 2014

What's it all about?

Everything we understand is seen to operate in a predictable rational manner: is natural.

Everything we do not understand will also be found to be natural.

Everything must have either a point of origin or be infinite.

Everything that is not infinite must originate through a natural process, a natural system.

This natural system, from which everything originates, must be infinite. 

'Everything' includes the present universe and whatever caused it.

Logically all things flow from an infinite natural source (even one outside of the bounds of time and science as we vaguely understand it to be) this source must be consistent in producing a variety of causes and those causes produce consistent effects.

Nothing can be 'supernatural' for, if it exists, it must be natural albeit outside of our ability to conceptualise - including an omnipotent all seeing, perpetual, multi-faceted mechanism of creation (knock yourself out and call that prospect God if it makes you happy) that has a rational far beyond our comprehension and of which we have no absolutely evidence of ! That sounds like a rational form of atheism to me.

The good life is the pleasure in knowledge one is helping others to have it better still: playing a part in an exponential betterment.

Monday, 27 January 2014

This Perpetual Dystopia of Disappointment

I am amazed at the resilience of almost everybody's fundamentalist belief in 'the state', government and the 'democrat process'. Impressive really - somewhat awe-inspiring even.

 If people would, for once and for all, just be realistic and comprehend that this always was, is and always will be, nothing but an utter peddled delusion we could at least save ourselves from this perpetual dystopia of disappointment.

Most people know Santa and the Tooth Fairy are just made-up, enough these days realise God and more certainly religions are utter bunkum too. But when it comes down to the state folk just line-up for the sheep-dip, for the slaughter-house, to relish and be thankful for the swill filling their trough each day.

We are the human herd and the construct, called a nation, is no more than the particular farm, one of many, in which we dwell. These farms are human tax-farms.

Easier than slavery to manage and more productive too; humans farmed in the way we all are are schooled with a mix of plentiful carrot and threat of stick, illusion and delusion.

We only see the shadows on the wall and think them real, are convinced it is all there is, have no ability to think it could just perhaps otherwise be.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Marijuana Dreaming

Instead of building towards an enduring and powerful anti-war peace and liberal rights movement, the hedonistic days of the 60's hippy flower power culture was driven by a covertly managed culture of drug fuelled befuddlement and from which the 'new-age' movement continues to sap the resolve of an otherwise supposedly 'enlightened' majority.

I know I own the right to consume any substance I so desire.  Nothing has changed if I cross the imaginary line around a place some people call Washington State except to the imagined legitimacy of uniformed gangs with guns to steal from me or to kidnap me.

But as it happens I choose not to.  Not because of any rules or even conveniences but because I am concerned that the stuff enjoyed on sunny days with pals in the meadows of my youth is not the same material today as it was back then.  Today people are using marijuana of a type selectively created of a different, stronger, nature and I am concerned its lasting effects are not well understood.  And today's illegally cultivated plant is grown in conditions, fed with chemicals, far removed from the natural organic product it used to be.

So I am concerned by anything the state has to offer; even when it is legitimising that which should never had been made illegitimate from the outset.  I am concerned that if marijuana is used more prevalently it will be targeted at the, already too scant, 'open minded' minority who are the selfsame ones who we need to all have all their wits about them in these times of 'universal deceit'.

“The CIA and the “Magic” of Laurel Canyon – Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream”